Our company

AMA NWOKE is a fashion brand that takes a vivacious lifestyle to complement a woman whose exploration of life and fashion lead the way. Our expressive pairings detail a genuine sensuality that only a woman with boundless ambitions can match. Challenging the placement of fabrics, AMA NWOKE takes brilliant concepts of femininity and molds them into clothing that boldly represents the fearlessness in today’s modern woman.




The Name sake was developed by Matilda Ama  Nwoke as an independent women’s ready-to-wear design label based in New York City. The brand label was launched on August 2016, with a core focus on attention to detail, use of luxurious, cutting-edge fabrics and precise tailoring. Matilda’s career choice was driven by a life-long passion to translate her vision to paper and transform her artwork to life. Convinced from a very early age that fashion design was her calling, Matilda earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion management while attending the Arts Institute of Washington. Matilda Ama Nwoke has acquired a comprehensive fashion management background, while working as a production assistant at New York & Company, JCrew, Calvin Klein and Kal Rieman. As an intern at Kal Rieman, she assisted the design staff in the production process of fall 2015 collection from concept to production. Each AMA NWOKE collection is made in the heart of Brooklyn, New York but lives everywhere online. It has since become the brand to watch since showcasing its S/S 18 during New York Fashion week in 2017.



The AMA NWOKE brand is here to inspire women to celebrate their own style with confidence in every aspect of their life.